There are several Types of the Scabies disease: 

Typical scabies - a disease, occurring classically, that is easily diagnosed. It is characterized with specific skin lesions - presence scabies treatment moves. A rare type of scabies is disease without apparent mite moves, which develops due to lesions of subcutaneous tissues of the tick larvae (not adults). The disease lasts no more than two weeks - this is the minimum time required for the conversion of the mite larva into the adult, which can affect the skin, multiply. 

Norwegian scabies is a quite rare disease. The disease can overtake people in immunosuppressed patients with tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer patients, as well as in people undergoing chemotherapy, taking hormones, those who suffer from beriberi. This is an aggressive form of scabies, which occurs in most cases, very hard. A characteristic feature of Norwegian scabies is skin rash. Surface moist ulcers and erosions get dirty-yellow, covered with dark crusts, which in appearance resemble the shell. Itch moves are in the lower layers of cortical formation.  Also a typical feature of Norwegian scabies is a manifestation of the defeat of the nails, soles, leather palms. The patient exhales heavy sour smell, it is often a fever. There are the facts, when the mite is transmitted to humans from domestic animals, dogs, pigs, horses, rabbits and goats. This disease is called tick dermatitis.

There is another kind of typical forms of the disease - scabies incognito or clean Scabies. The disease affects people, often taking a shower, while this procedure removes most of the population of scabies treatment. That is why the disease occurs with only mild symptoms. This may cause complications such as dermatitis, pyoderma, or in rare cases - microbial eczema, urticaria. Thus, the typical manifestations are vague and not pronounced.